Project Description

FDL proudly completed Phase 1, the initial segment of a three-phase project in which we have been actively engaged. Our primary scope encompassed the construction of three reinforced concrete (RC) frames, utilizing a combination of precast columns and core walls, complemented by traditional RC slabs. This innovative approach to the concrete frame ensures structural robustness and efficiency in construction. In addition to the core construction elements, our involvement extended to overseeing all infrastructure and external works. Notably, as part of the external works, we successfully constructed a sizable open area public park, contributing to the overall community and environmental enhancement of the development. This comprehensive first phase underscores FDL’s commitment to delivering not only structurally sound buildings but also integrated infrastructure and external spaces that positively impact the surrounding environment. As we transition to subsequent phases, our dedication remains steadfast in realizing a multi-faceted development that aligns with the highest standards of construction and community development.