Health & Safety

FDL maintains a dedicated Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality Team to address the daily requirements of the business. Regular site visits by the Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality Managers ensure open discussions with the site team about new legislation, campaigns, policies, industry insights, and in-house lessons learned, assessing their impact on ongoing works. To keep all stakeholders informed and up-to-date, company processes are communicated through regular meetings alerts, bulletins, good practice guidelines, and toolbox talks, fostering a continuous and proactive approach to health, safety, environmental, and quality management across our projects, offices, and yards.

Safety Statistics

AIR = Accident Incidence Rate. This is the calculation used by HSE. This formula makes no allowances for variations in part-time employment or overtime. It is an annual calculation

AFR = Accident Frequency Rate. This is the calculation preferred by some parts of industry as it avoids distortions due to overtime etc. Can be calculated for any time period. (Sometimes calculated per 1,000,000 hours)

AFR Live Accident Rates

2022 2023
Average No. of Employees 680.75 522.25
Hours worked 1,363,952 1,262,535
Fatalities 0 0
AFR 0 0
Injuries/Hours x 100,000 0 0
Prohibitions 0 0
Prosecutions 0 0