`Foundation Developments Ltd


Through the adoption of a responsible and proactive attitude to environmental issues, FDL is committed to minimizing any potential harmful effects of its business activities on the environment and contributing to sustainable development through balancing its business aims with environmental considerations.

Specifically where it is within FDL’s control or influence in design, construction and management, we will:

  • Develop management processes and operational procedures to prevent pollution
  • Reduce waste production and divert waste away from landfill by promoting recycling and the use of recycled and recyclable material
  • Work with clients, subcontractors and suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of projects and improve their environmental performance
  • Make efficient use of natural resources and promote the use of sustainable materials, through the adoption of this responsible sourcing policy
  • Encourage the use of the Barking Riverside Recycling Park, (operated under a 10 year lease by FDL), where we will be able to accept the importation of all types of construction, demolition and excavation wastes, and by segregating, recycling or treating, will regain and reuse the constituent elements of these previously land filled resources.
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