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Barking Riverside Recycling Park (BRRP)

Client:Barking Riverside Limited
Value: 20m
Contact: Gavin Hunt - Barking Riverside Regeneration Manager ghunt@foundation-dev.com

To comply with Barking Riverside's Code of Construction Practice document and in particular the sustainability benchmark toolkit, Barking Riverside Park Recycling Park (BRRP) located within the confines of the Barking Riverside Estate was established in 2007.

BRRP is a subsidiary company of Foundation Developments Limited established to regain secondary aggregates through soil washing and concrete crushing for re-use within construction projects in the neighbouring areas. The facility is fully licensed by the Environment Agency and works in accordance with the licence conditions and the health, safety and environmental policy documents.

Prior to importation of otherwise waste soils and concrete from construction sites the material is visually inspected and chemically and geotechnically tested to check compliance with the licence conditions and its suitability for recovery.

When the imported materials have been processed it is graded and again chemically tested. The benefits that this facility has provided to projects within Barking Riverside is the ability to provide certified recycled aggregates with the delivery distance being less than 1 mile in each direction, and the majority of these journeys from BRRP to the site are on private site roads.