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Environmental Policy Statement

The Directors, Managers and Employees of Foundation Developments Limited & its subsidiaries: P. Hickey Plant, Special Projects Ltd & Woldingham Homes Ltd, understands that the company's business activities have an unavoidable impact on the environment by using raw materials, generating waste and creating emissions. It is recognised that the company has a responsibility to its employees, clients and the population as a whole to minimize its impact on the environment. Accordingly it is the company's core environmental policy to promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and to minimise environmental pollution in all its activities and the activities of others.

To ensure Foundation Developments Limited & its subsidiaries deliver the above:

The Board will:

  • Decide environmental policy based on current legislation and industry best practice;
  • Encourage and promote positive and proactive environmental practice by employees;
  • Ensure environmental management is an integral function of the company;
  • Allocate sufficient resources to enable this policy to be properly implemented;
  • Seek to continually improve the environmental policies and practices.
  • Review annually implementation of environmental policies.

Contracts Managers and Site Managers will:

  • Ensure the environmental policies are communicated to all employees in their care;
  • Support and promote positive and proactive environmental practice by employees;
  • Use wherever practicable renewable, sustainable and recycled resources;
  • Encourage sub-contractors and suppliers to implement sound environmental practices;
  • Monitor and amend where practical poor or inappropriate environmental practice.

Individual Employees will:

  • Commit to implementing the Company's environmental policies;
  • Report poor or inappropriate environmental practice to their manager;
  • Use materials and plant economically and avoid wasteful practices;
  • Dispose waste materials thoughtfully and appropriately;
  • Encourage the good environmental practices of colleagues.



Managing Director
5th August 2014

Foundation Developments